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The non specialist

I have come to the conclusion that I am a non specialist, I have many skills such as system admin, web site development, coding etc but have never had the time to become an expert in all but a few, the client or employer really just needs the job completed.

This  could seem like a weakness but I have found over the years that the majority of projects require a wide skill base even if you are not a CSS guru even knowing the basics means that you can track the problem down and start to resolve it.

when I have put my project management hat on in the past having an overview of all the parts has been a massive advantage.

But for the few projects that do require very specific skills being able to talk the problem through with a guru once again give me an advantage.

Server monitor using a Raspberry PI and Python.

My simple solution to monitor servers.

A friend of mine (yes I do have some) is the admin for a company that have a server room with lots of servers :-

  • Windows file servers.
  • Windows mail server running exchange.
  • Linux server running their web sites.
  • The list goes on………..

My solution to monitor these and report any problems was to use a Raspberry PI and a SMS module bought from Ebay, the PI also has a temperature and humidity sensor and runs a small internal web site.

A python script runs every minute and performs the following :

  • Pings each servers network card.
  • Attempts to connect to any special ports (SMTP, HTTP, HTTPS).
  • Web scrapes several sites to check that they are up.
  • Records the Temperature and humidity.

If there are any errors the PI attempts to email all the admins and me it will also send a SMS message to the admin users with a brief message.

Every day the PI Emails the admins with a basic report and a link the the data log.

Its has been running for 3 weeks now without any problems and has already detected several errors that normally would have gone unnoticed.

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