Freelance software and web development Hampshire

I am available for freelance software and web development projects in the Hampshire area.

What I am using day to day at the moment.

Day to Day I am currently using :

  • Windows 7 10.
  • Windows Servers 2000, 2003, 2008 2012
  • Python.
  • C#.
  • Linux.
  • Linux shell scripts.
  • PHP
  • WordPress.
  • Android application development.

contact me for further details.

Domain name renewal failure

Make sure to keep your admin email address for your domain name up to date.

A client contacted us early today for some help with their WordPress site that they thought had been attacked, we asked for the site access details and got to work.

After about twenty minutes we contacted the client with the good news that although the web site needed some updates it was working ok and we had found the problem causing his site to be down, he had failed to renew his domain name, fortunately the domain name hadn’t been registered by anyone else so he registered it again and should be back up and running later today.

Make sure to keep your admin email address for your domain name up to date.

WordPress Repair Service

WordPress Repair Service.

Based in the UK.

With the help of a few friends I have just finished a new web site , the main idea to provide a UK based WordPress repair and fix service, although we are not the cheapest in the world we are UK based and just an email away for just about any WordPress problem.

Although we only started a few weeks ago we have already fixed a few WordPress sites that had been hacked, it turns out the reasons were quite simple (I wish the fix had been) updates on these sites had been turned off (who would do that ?) so after a few years (I am surprised they lasted that long) they were hacked and all of a sudden started to show some not very nice content.

So if you run a WordPress based web site make sure that either you or your web designer check for updates at least once a month.

WordPress Repair

SCO UNIX Freelance Job


A Blast From The Past

Now that I am freelance again I will consider just about any work but I would prefer programming (hint hint). But today I had an old legacy system to work with SCO UNIX.

The client was having problems with the system crashing at random times and their IT guys (Microsoft Windows certified) really didn’t have a clue what the problems was.

After delving around in the system for an hour or two I discovered that one of the serial ports was re spawning and this was causing the system to become unresponsive (so it wasn’t crashing, it was running slow), it turned out that the UPS had died about a week ago an instead of replacing it they just disconnected it and you have guessed it, it was connected to the SCO box via a serial cable, so I disabled the serial port and they now have a nice and reliable SCO UNIX box back again. But for how long, the system must be at least 15 years old, I did mention about virtualization but the powers that be don’t want to spend any money on it.

By the way it runs their stock system.

The of Betamax tapes

End of Betamax

Sony have decided to end the production of Betamax tapes, why is this interesting ? Well I thought they had stopped making Betamax machines and tapes years ago but no, until now.

So if you have a working Betamax recorder you had better start buying up spare tapes.

Production ends March 2016 for Betamax cassettes.